News From PE Department - Mrs. Wojtczak

Dear Thomaston Center School Families,

It is my goal here at Center School to have our students both physically and academically educated.  I feel it is just as important to be on the top of your game on and off the court.  Part of my goal is to educate the parents/guardian about what is expected of our students physically. 

Each year the state mandates a fitness test consisting of four parts for our fourth and sixth grade students. In fifth grade, this assessment is not mandatory but we use the year as a training period for those students.  This year we are going to be giving the students a report three times a year to bring home.  This report will inform the students and guardians of the student’s physical fitness levels and progress so that the students can set goals to improve in areas of weakness and grow in their strengths.  The guardian can also encourage movement to improve their levels of fitness at home.   


The test consist of four parts:

PACER TEST; This tests the student’s cardiovascular endurance. Students run 20 meters and the time to get from one side to the other gradually decreases, increasing the pace of the run.  The number recorded is the number of times the child completed this task.

PUSH UP TEST; This tests a student’s upper body strength and endurance; to be successful, a student’s elbows must bend to a 90 degree angle.

PARTIAL CURL UP; This test measures abdominal strength.  To complete this assessment, a student lies flat on his/her back and extended arms out straight reaching for their toes.  On the up signal, the student reaches over a 4-inch wide space to raise the shoulders, similar to a sit-up.  If the child lifts heels off the ground, swings arms, pulls on the back of legs for support, or pushes off the ground with elbows and going off cadence, it is not counted as a successful partial curl up. 

SIT AND REACH; This test measures flexibility in the lower back and hamstrings. On the back of this sheet you will find test results/scores from last year and December of this year. If your child is in fourth grade, you will only find this year’s scores.  On the results, you will also find a key to help interpret the scores.  Please follow the key and find your student's age and slide your finger to the right to see where they stand on the chart.  I hope you find this information helpful.  I will encourage your students throughout the year to be the best they can be in Physical Education class.  Please do not hesitate to call or email me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. 



Renee Wojtczak

Physical Education Teacher

Thomaston Center School